Check Your Ballot Status

If you returned a mail ballot, please check the status here:

If it’s been accepted, you’re done. But what if it’s not?

If your mail ballot has not been accepted, we recommend you go to your voting location on Election Day. You can find it here by entering your address:

If you have recently moved, it’s better to search for your voter registration at, then click “My Voting Locations” and look for “Polling Place”.

Be sure you take valid ID to the voting location. You’ll need it in case you need to vote.

Pinal County poll workers have something called “E-pollbooks” that can verify in real time if you successfully returned your mail ballot. There’s a chance the first link above hasn’t been updated yet. But don’t leave it to chance. Make sure.

If your mail ballot hasn’t been received the poll workers will tell you if you need to vote a new or a provisional ballot. A provisional ballot just means the county needs to do something to follow up. If you have valid ID you should not receive a “conditional provisional ballot”.

This election is so important. Please make the extra effort to ensure your vote is counted.

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