The Presidential race has now been called by the major news organizations for all 50 states. Joe Biden is President-elect; and Kamala Harris, Vice-President-elect. Senator Martha McSally also conceded to soon-to-be Senator Mark Kelly today. Anna Tovar will join Sandra Kennedy on the A.C.C.

We extend our congratulations to them. Thanks to all of you who worked so hard to help them win! And to those who turned out to vote and boost them to an early Arizona lead. You helped us make a difference for our country and our state.

Thousands more people in San Tan Valley precincts voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris than there are registered Democrats. Even more voted for Mark Kelly. So thanks, too, to the Independents and Republicans who joined us in voting for our next Senator and President!

We’re sad that our other candidates running in our precincts lost. Just goes to show it wasn’t rigged. We still think they were, and are, the best, even if more voters disagreed. It’s how America works!

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