Country Over Party

Former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake urges Arizonans to put country over party. Thanks, Senator Flake, for speaking out!


Vote for DiSanto!

It’s Wednesday, Oct. 28, and Air Force One has just landed in Bullhead City, AZ. It’s the second time this month the President has campaigned in Arizona Congressional District 4.

Is he worried about Congressman Paul Gosar? It looks that way to us!

Join us in voting for Delina DiSanto, the Democratic candidate for CD-04!


Election Night

San Tan Valley voters can be sure their vote will be reported on election night by following these steps. Felecia Rotellini is the chair of the Arizona Democratic Party.

You can vote early at three locations around the county or get a mail ballot. If you go to an early voting location and vote, you’re done. Update: early voting in Pinal County ended on Oct. 30.

If you thought you should get a mail ballot, but haven’t received it yet, check Click “Check the Status of your Ballot-by-Mail.” If you are not on the PEVL (Permanent Early Voting List) you can request a ballot-by-mail (for just this election) by clicking the button just above that. The last day to request a mail ballot is Oct. 23.

After you receive the mail ballot, vote, sign it, and add your phone number so the county can contact you if there’s any question about the signature. It’s now too late to mail it. If it arrives late, it will not count.

Take it to an early ballot drop-off location. There’s one in San Tan Valley at the Pinal County Health Department, 36235 N Gantzel Rd. You can find a map and photo on our Voter Guide page. Our members who have used that drop box tell us their ballots have been accepted within a few business days after they put it in the drop box.

You can track the status of your ballot to see when it is accepted by clicking here. As the tweet copied above says, if your ballot is received by Friday, Oct. 30, it will be part of the first results reported on election night.

You can also take a mail ballot to a polling location on election day. Mail ballots returned that way may not be reported on election night since the signatures have to be reviewed and validated before they are counted.

Here’s a link to the Pinal County Recorders voting page. Counties run the elections. If you have a question, call them. You can also use our contact page if you want help or have a question, but they are the authority.

By the way, there are observers from the Democratic and Republican parties watching the signature verification process in Florence now each day. It’s important for this election to have integrity.


Cindy McCain

Thanks to Cindy McCain for supporting Joe Biden for President! Take a minute to watch her speak, if you haven’t already heard it.

Every vote matters. Polling suggests that Arizona is going to be close.

One state house race in San Tan Valley during the primary this year took over a week to decide. In the end, the winner won by 86 votes out of thousands cast. It’s possible that the Presidential race could be that close here, too.

Want to make a difference? Vote! You don’t even need a stamp in Arizona. Want a mail ballot for just this election? You can request one here through October 23.

Once you receive it, don’t delay. Get it back in the mail quickly or take it to a drop box. Be sure to sign the envelope in which you return your mail ballot. Add your phone number in case there’s a question about your signature, so the county officials can get in touch.

And if you need a little help with those judges or other candidates, check out our voter guide.


October Meeting

The Solar Team will be the featured speakers for the San Tan Valley Democrats meeting, Sat. Oct. 17 at 1 p.m. They are Bill Mundell, Shea Stanfield, and Anna Tovar, the three Democrats running for the Arizona Corporation Commission.

The Solar Team
The Solar Team

Kristin Clark, a Democratic write-in candidate for the Arizona House, District 12 will also speak. District 12 includes western San Tan Valley, next to the regional park, as well as Gilbert and Queen Creek.

Kristin Clark
Kristin Clark

We will post information on how to join as a participant via Zoom in our Facebook Group, also you will receive it if you subscribe to our email list (scroll down for a subscription form).

You can also watch (view-only) on our You Tube channel. If you go there, please subscribe. You’ll get a notice when the meeting starts.


Registration Deadline Extended

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs on Twitter

We encourage all our readers to check their voter registration status at You can also check the status of your mail ballot there, starting Thursday.

Note that this may be appealed, so if you haven’t registered and want to, please do that ASAP. Here’s our voter registration page.



What’s up with the G.O.P. and seniors this year? Katie Hobbs, the Arizona Secretary of State, wants to let seniors in nursing homes, who are not allowed visitors, vote via video conference. It seems like a reasonable, bipartisan move. But Governor Ducey challenged her and asked the Attorney General to investigate.

Donald Trump signed an executive order deferring employee withholding of Payroll Tax through December. While most employers are still withholding the tax, the Federal Government has stopped, and that includes member of the military. The President has said if he is re-elected he will terminate the Payroll Tax after the beginning of the year. The Payroll Tax funds Social Security and Medicare. We’re sure you can connect the dots. *

And then, there’s this (just 30 seconds long)…

Lincoln Project “If you’re over the age of 65, Donald Trump doesn’t care whether you live or die.”

It isn’t long ’till we all get to tell Donald Trump, “You’re fired!” by voting for Joe Biden. You won’t get that chance again.

Let’s tell his supporters in Congress and the Legislature that, too. Support Democratic candidates up and down the ballot!

Arizonans have until October 5 to register to vote.

  • * Here’s a detailed article fact checking the fact checkers on this. Just in case you wonder about those TV ads that say the opposite.
  • We’ve embedded the video from one of our links. He couldn’t be any clearer. (No commentary. 100% pure Trump.)


USPS Mailer

San Tan Valley residents are receiving mailers on voting from the United States Postal Service. Here’s what Arizona’s Secretary of State says about them.


Mark Kelly – U. S. Senate

We have first-class candidates this year. We’ll let Mark Kelly introduce himself. He has a great story. Here’s a quick clip about growing up.

Growing Up: 1:01

And here’s when he launched his bid for the U.S. Senate.

My Next Mission: 4:33

Here’s his campaign web site. Help us support him. Mission for Arizona (his campaign) needs more volunteers. We’re working hard for him! He’s going to win.


Labor Day

Joe Biden’s Message to Workers. 1:13

Happy Labor Day! We’re leading with a message to workers from Joe Biden’s campaign. It takes just over a minute to watch. Celebrating workers is what Labor Day is all about. Today is also one month before Arizona Early Voting starts!

Who is Joe Biden? Here’s a short clip about him narrated by his sister, Valerie Biden. This one’s under three minutes long.

Introducing Joe Biden. 2:51

Check out Joe Biden’s YouTube channel, where there are many more, including several shown during the DNC. Here’s his acceptance speech. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it then, set aside a little time. Several seasoned news people said it was his best.

Joe Biden’s Acceptance Speech at the DNC. 24:34

Here’s how to get a yard sign. Your purchase is a donation to the Biden Victory Fund.

Vote for Joe Biden, and support Democratic candidates up and down the ballot, starting one month from today!

The election is Tuesday, Nov. 3. In Arizona, early voting starts Wednesday, Oct. 7.